• Question: That Zydrate gun is phenomenal!!! - graverobberlucifer
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    Thank you! It was definitely a lot of fun to make. :)

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Finished up the Zydrate gun yesterday. Really, really, REALLY happy with how this turned out. It’s not identical to the one in the film, but close enough for me (and the gal it ended up going to).

The artificial sinew wrap on the handle was a very last-minute change, but I think it ended up looking 100x better than the leather strap I had been planning to use would’ve. The Zydrate in the little glass vial is Aqua-Velva aftershave, and the injector tip is made from a modified soldering iron tip.

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It’s monday and it’s so gross and freezing and everything… so here are some goofy baby goats to make you feel better about it all. Maybe more me than you.

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Being broke and not attending many comic and entertainment conventions, I don’t do much costuming or cosplay, but it has often tickled my interest. A friend of mine is attending an upcoming con as the character Graverobber from the movie ‘REPO! The Genetic Opera’ and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try my hand at making a prop replica… Graves’ Zydrate gun!

At this point it’s about 75% complete, but I felt like sharing this in-progress snap for now. This weekend I’ll be working on weathering the paint and tracking down a part for the injector needle, and scraping down the leather for the handle wrap.




a letter to allan heinberg

young avengers #7

And this is why it matters.

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Tumblr is the worst thing to happen to internet creepers. Now when you cyberstalk someone all you get on their blog is Game of Thrones GIFs.

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Item 231 - 232! Brandy F. of Grants Pass, OR received this much-read copy of X-Men Classic #55 (January 1991, reprints Uncanny X-Men #151), plus a length of scratchy twine. The twine can be used to tie things together. What kind of things? All kinds of things! Parcels for shipping, newspapers for recycling, bundles of wooden dowels for… reasons… and other stuff, I guess?

Click the photo to visit the One Million Random Items Project on eBay.

I need to know more about this.

I need to know more about this.

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